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'Heirlooms Created From Your Fur Coat'
......'the one at the back of the closet'......

I take pride in the quality and workmanship crafted into each of my bruins...each has its' own individual charm and personality, no two are alike...even when created from the same fur coat.

A full length coat can usually be transformed into more than one teddy, depending on the sizes you desire and the condition of the coat.  The longer the fur length...the larger the bear....shorter fur lengths look better on smaller bears  
I have created up to six 15" teddy's from one full length coat.  A stole will usually transform into two 10"or one 15" teddy.  A jacket will produce one 22" or three 15" teddy bears
Since raccoon/coyote/shearling pelts are quite thick, larger bears are created, to allow 'turning' once the pieces are sewn
Persian Lamb furs can usually be transformed into more teddy bears than a mink fur coat of similar size and style.  The pattern pieces must be placed all in one direction with mink fur...if not your bear will look like it is having a 'bad hair day'.  
Each coat is unique to it's construction details...placement of pockets, collars and pleats can decrease the amount of fur available for bears.  Areas such as the seat and elbows can be worn
  If the coat is brittle or dry it will not be suitable to sew
 Give it the 'scrunch' test
  Is the fur soft and supple or is it brittle and 'crackly'? 
Most importantly, the size of the coat will determine the number of bears that can be created.  More teddy bears and/or larger teddy's can be created from a ladies size 18 than that of a ladies size 6!

Each heirloom teddy bear receives individual attention and takes hours to complete.  The length of time to complete your bear depends upon the number of orders that I currently have
Bears are completed in the order that I receive the Furs

$145 for Each Bear Created From Your Fur...Your  Choice of Size...No Difference in Price...Afterall, It Is Your Fur!

'If You Wish Your Teddy Bears for Christmas Gift Giving Please Order Early In The Year'

Remnants will be returned to you if requested
Each bear is lined with muslin for extra strength and durability
Handblown German glass eyes and noses are added, ultrasuede paws or paws can be created from the coat's lining
 Monograms from inside the coat can be added to a paw
Each is fully jointed allowing the head, arms and legs to move
The bear is then stuffed with polyfil and ground glass is added to the belly and paws for a 'nice weighted feel' which will also allow your teddy to stand
Included with each bear is your choice of Battenburg lace collars, tatted lace, ribbon, bows, floral accents, eye glasses
Buttons from the coat can be used to adorn the bruin
If you have a special scarf, vintage lace or piece of jewelry please feel free to include
Larger bears can be dressed in Grandma's Baptism gown
Vests can be created from Arctic Fleece ($10) 
Mink Stoles from the coat's collar can also be created and placed on your heirloom for a small fee ($20) 
One-of-a-kind handcrafted hats can be added...choice of colors, vintage materials and size depend on availability ($25) 
Bows can be created from the coat's lining ($10 each)
'Handcrafted from Grandma's 
'Previously Enjoyed' Mink Fur Coat' 
Once your heirloom is completed you name your bear
 (usually the person receiving the teddy or the name of the original owner of the coat)
This is then printed along with it's details on a 'hang tag' secured to the back of the bear
You ship your coat to me.  If crossing the US/Canada border, broker fees if any, will be billed to you if you choose to send by courier.
On the customs slip write 'Old Coat' and check 'Gift' 

Once your order is completed I will send you photos of your heirlooms. 
 I will calculate actual shipping charges based on your address and will include insurance and a tracking number
I ship by Canada Post Expedited Parcel...2-3 day delivery (in Ontario) depending on your location
I am fortunate to pass along an 8% discount to my customers through Canada Post.  If you wish, courier shipping is also an option.

Payment is appreciated prior to shipping
I accept Paypal, Email Transfers and Personal Cheques 

Due to the recent increase in fees I can no longer accept Visa/Mastercard

Please contact me for my complete shipping address and/or if you have questions or wish more details