'Handcrafted Hugs'
by Rhonda Ridgeway

FeeEach custom ordered teddy bear created from 'Your Fur' is $165...your choice of size, no difference in price...after all it is your fur!
When adopting teddy bears from my website, prices are as indicated 

Payment:  Payment is appreciated prior to receiving your keepsake bears once they are completed.  Please do not send payment along with your fur.  Personal cheque, email transfer and Paypal are accepted.   

Shipping:  Shipping of your teddy which you adopt from my site, is included within Canada and the USA.  Actual shipping charges are added to your invoice when bears are created from your furs, as customers can request one bear or multiples.  

If you choose to ship me your fur coat to create an heirloom bear, you pay the shipping of the coat to my 'den'...please no COD orders.  If crossing the US/Canada border, custom fees, if any, will be billed to you as well as any 'broker fees' if you choose to send by courier.  On the customs slip write 'Old Coat' and check 'Gift' to avoid extra fees.

Returns:  Obviously, once I have created an heirloom from your fur coat there are no returns.  If you purchase a bear that has been created from my collection, I will happily accept returns or exchanges. Please return within 7 days.  You pay shipping for returns.

Layaways:  I am more than happy to arrange a payment schedule with you.  You choose the amount of payments you wish to make.  Your order will be shipped upon receipt of full payment.

Please Note:  My crafted friends are not designed for children.  Glass eyes, noses and trims can be hazardous to small children.
Please place your bear away from heat, direct sunlight, smoke, strong cooking odors curious fingers and the family pet!  Do not place your teddy in plastic bags to store~he just can't breathe!!  (...and plastic dries out the pelts)

Feel free to message me to ask any questions~I love to talk about my bruins. 
Transform Yesterday's Fur Into Tomorrow's Cherished Heirloom

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