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'Handcrafted Hugs'
by Rhonda Ridgeway
March 22, 2023
Hi...The bears arrived and they are beautiful!!  Thank you for everything.
Campbell, California

December 29, 2022
Hi Rhonda
Avery's Bear arrived today!!!!  I am soooo pleased with it.  Just Beautiful.  And it works out great cause my daughter in law's father was ill so they are celebrating Christmas this Sunday.  I am saving the remaining fur so if perchance we might be getting another grandchild in the near future you can put your magic to work once again!  
Wishing you & yours a Very Happy Healthy Prosperous New Year.  
Estero, Florida

December 22, 2022
I did a lot of research before deciding to trust Rhonda with my late mother's fur coats.  I loved the details she put into her bears.  I mailed one mink and one rabbit leopard print coat.  The rabbit was very worn and loved by my mother.  I was thrilled that Rhonda could make 5 mink bears with leopard shawls and one leopard bear.  Rhonda is amazing at what she does.  The bears have surpassed my expectations and I am forever grateful.  Thank you so much for my 6 heirloom bears that will always be treasured. 
Smithtown, New York

July 27, 2022
I picked up the bears today.  They are beautiful.  I showed them to the ladies at the post office and they got very emotional.  Thank you once again, you do beautiful work. 
Cold Lake, Alberta

June 4, 2022  

Hi Rhonda 
The bear arrived today.  It is amazing!  Thank you so much. 
Lincolnshire, Illinois

September 7, 2021
My bear and scarf arrived last week and all I can say is  you have exceeded my greatest expectations.  The craftsmenship is exquisite.  'Rayzel' is not only beautiful to look at and enjoy but a uniquely endearing extension of my mother's legacy of love. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Rhonda.
Canmore, Alberta

August 11, 2021
Dear Rhonda
I received the bear and just wanted to say that I am in love!  Your work is extraordinary!  Thank you so much! 
Medford, New York

June 25, 2021
Hello Rhonda
The teddy bears are beautiful!  Thank you for your superb craftsmanshp!  The teddy bears will be enjoyed by the owner's great-granddaughters for years. 
With appreciation
Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

January 19, 2021
Hello Rhonda 
You are amazingly talented.  
The bears arrived over the weekend. 
I can't stop looking at them, they are so well-made.
I sent pics to my cousin, she can't wait for her children to receive them.
Thank you so much
Hamilton, Ontario

October 20, 2020
The bears look absolutely beautiful.  You do such nice work.
Thank you again.
Scottsdale, Arizona

October 8, 2020
Hi Rhonda, I love them.  They are absolutely beautiful and a nice memorial for our mother and her grandchildren.  
Thank you
Lowbanks, Ontario 

September 14, 2020
They arrived...are adorable and just what I had hoped.  
I'm so pleased.  Can hardly wait till December to give to their intended. 
Thank you
Poughkeepsie, New York

September 10, 2020
Hi Rhonda
I waited until today to open the box of bears so that my husband couuld enjoy the moment, as well.  I'm glad I did!!  They are lovely.
We are both so pleased with all of these little friends, and can't wait to see the Christmas joy they will bring to his mom's grandchildren and his brother.
With thanks, 
Kanata, Ontario

September 5, 2020
The bears are wonderful!  I am really weeping with joy!  My nieces will be so thrilled to receive these for Christmas.  You are amazing!
Gosh Rhonda, You are the best!  I have so enjoyed knowing you and your work!  After Christmas I will send you photos of the bear and their owners.
Have a safe holiday weekend and stay safe from this awful Covid!
All the Best,
Manhattan, Kansas

August 13, 2020
Oh Rhonda.  The bears are spectacular.  You are a wonderful artist.  I am so happy with them.  Thank you so much.
Tulsa, Oklahoma

August 10, 2020
Rhonda, It's been a pleasure working with you.  Because of your artistic talent...you bring a lot of joy to many people's lives.  I admire your work, and cannot thank you enough!
With many thanks,
Fairfield, New Jersey

August 7, 2020
OMG!!!!!  I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face.  They are all so cute and adorable.  I just love what you have done with them.  I had a picture in my mind what they might look like, but they far exceed anything I had in mind.  
Thank you soooooo much for the bears.  They are beyond expectations.  
Abbotsford, British Columbia

April 26, 2020
Hey there Rhonda 
I wanted to let you know that I got the bears yesterday.  They are georgeous.  The girls are georgeous. Thanks again for these precious gifts.  The girls will love them and what an incredible keepsake from their nana.  What you do is amazing and I will be sure to pass your information on.  
Take Care
Mississauga, Ontario

March 28, 2020
Oh Rhonda-she is BEAUTIFUL!!  Your workmanship is exquisite-she's so beautifully well made.  We don't have any children, and my husband and I have her on our living room couch and will probably keep her there-she's just sooooo cute and adorable!
Thanks so much for such a wonderful keepsake of my Mom-what a gift!
Take care and stay safe and I will definately be recommending you to anyone I can think of.
Thanks again
Calabogie, Ontario

March 10, 2020
Hi Rhonda
Just received my family of bears.  OMG they are soooooooo cute and adorable.  I can't thank you enough.
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

December 4, 2019
Oh my gosh Rhonda.  I am blown away!  Truly.  I had to stop crying before I could respond.  They are SO beautiful.  This was my mother's coat who passed years ago...their 'nana' was very special to them lland I know they will be very touched when they receive these bears as a memory/keepsake of her.  
Thank you ever so much Rhonda, I am overwhelmed with emotion.
Calgary, Alberta

November 16, 2019
You have me in tears.  They are all beautiful!  I don't know what to say, you have brought memories back to life.
They are beautiful.  Can't wait to pass them on to family.  You run an amazing business.  First class from start to finish and all beautifully done.  All the little extras make it even more special.
Thank you!
Merry Beary Christmas to you.
Aurora, Ontario

August 17, 2019
Dear Rhonda
Got the bears & they are adorable...thank you so much.  Your work is beautiful!!!!
We were all together as a family this past week at Severn Lodge & I decided it would be a good time to give the girls their bears.  
As you can see by the expressions on their faces they were quite delighted!
Thanks again for making this wonderful gift happen
Sarnia, Ontario

July 14, 2019
Hi Rhonda, just wanted to let you know that GNana Bear arrived safely and is gorgeous.  Thanks again for making such a lovely heirloom for our family to enjoy for years to come.
Chilliwack, British Columbia

March 3 2019
Just looked at the 'in progress' teddy bear construction and I can't thank you enough for your time and care of our treasure!  The historical and sentimental value is something that you can only put a value of the heart on!  Thanks so much again.
Langley, British Columbia

December 23, 2018
Hi Rhonda...THANK YOU so much for the incredible job in turning my Moms mink into three beautiful bears!  My wife loves hers and my son does too...my daughter will receive hers in early January!  Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Goderich, Ontario

October 30, 2018
The bears arrived yesterday and they are beautiful!  Thank you so much for all the hard work that went into making them.  
You are truly a talented artist.
Thank you!
St. Albert, Alberta

August 22, 2018
Dear Rhonda...Bartholemew arrived today...and he is just perfect!  I as surprised to see how quickly he arrive, and to see the extra care you took to pack him for mailing. I will now have many years of enjoying him...instead of having a jacket tucked away in a cold close.  Thank you so much, you are a very talented lady!
Hamilton, Ontario

May 26, 2018
Thank you for the bears.  They are fabulous!  You did such an amazing job and they look so professional.  It means a lot!
Calgary, Alberta

August 10, 2017
I received Violet today and she is gorgeous.  My mother will be thrilled with her I know.  Thank you so much for turning my mother's mink stole into this beautiful bear that will be treasured by our family.
Kitchener, Ontario

November 14, 2016
We received the 6 teddy bears in good time and I was able to personally give my brother and my sister their bears when they were in Toronto for a visit.  Both my brother and my sister were quite touched with the gift and the special memento of our mother.
My family really appreciated the lovely work you did on the bears and they will treasure them for years.  My granddaughter especially was very happy to keep her mom's bear for herself.
Thanks so much for these lovely 'creature creations'...you do wonderful work.
Toronto, Ontario

November 14, 2016
Rhonda, Your work and obvious 'love' and care that you put into your bears is so evident!!! They just arrived !I've stopped admiring and loving them long enough to tell you they're here and absolutely perfect!!
I have to wait until daughter #3 is here from Texas before presenting them to all three, so I get to enjoy them for six weeks on my own!
I love them!
Thank you 
Canton, Georgia

June 1, 2016
LOVE THE BEARS!  Thank you very much!  I am sure they are all going to loving homes.  What keepsakes they are!  I know my grand daughters are going to be wild over them.
Thanks again!
Edmonton, Alberta

August 18, 2015
They are adorable!  You did an amazing job!  
...Can hardly wait to get Ruthie & Evelyn!
Edmonton, Alberta

August 13, 2015
Omigosh they look amazing!  Just as my parents!  And the pearls are just a lovely touch-well done!
....awesome work!
Oakville, Ontario

June 14, 2015
Dear Rhonda
Bears arrived on the 11th and we opened the box at Kathy's this PM.  The bears are lovely and we are so pleased.
Thank you so much.  (from the look on the girls faces I can assure that they will be well cared for)
London, Ontario

January 15, 2015
Hi...I can't believe how beautiful the bear looks.  An it has brought tears to my eyes as it will be one year since my gram passed next week.  And the bear will be called Gertie after my gram...
...Once again thanks.  I can hardly wait to hold her. 
St Orleans, Ontario

November 28, 2014
Thank you so much for 'Sarah Alice'
Mom had tears of joy and all the wonderful memories of grandma when she saw the bear.  Your work is truly a blessing
Hanover, Ontario

August 27, 2014
Dear Rhonda
The beautiful bears arrived safe and sound today.  Just Love them!  You sure do top of the line work!  My congratulations.  You are one clever lady.  Thank you very much for making them for me.  Just so happy and pleased with the bears.
Gravenhurst, Ontario

July 14, 2014
Hello Rhonda
The bears are beautiful, Irene will be so delighted-and what a lovely thoughtful touch to incorporate Irene's name on the foot!  And thank you for going above and beyond, you have done a great job of duplicating the lace collar and the pearls and rhinestones.
I fell in love with J.M.'s bear that you made from her mother's fur coat and so I had no qualms about recommending you to Irene when she was trying to decide what to do with her coat.  You have not disappointed-the bears are truly beautiful.
Thank You
Orillia, Ontario

September 1, 2012
OMG Rhonda she is soooo beautiful, I am sitting here with tears, Thank you so much. You are sure a talented lady-thanks again
London, Ontario 

December 27, 2012
Hi Rhonda,
I hope you and your family had a healthy and happy Christmas.  I saved the bears for a Christmas surprise and I thought I would share a picture of my daughter and I with them.  I did not attach the picture of her crying when she opened the special parcel.  The bears are both so beautiful and will always hold a very special place in our hearts.  I have taken a few days off over the holidays as it was pretty busy at work before Christmas.  I hope you have been able to take some time ti enjoy a break and relax a bit.  Thank you again for the bears.  Your talent is amazing.  I hope that you will continue to share your craft with others as you are a true artist.
Happy New Year
Orillia, Ontario

November 27, 2012
Thank-you Rhonda for the beautiful custom made bears.  They arrived safely yesterday.  We are delighted with the productions and you are to be commended on your craftsmanship. Actually they rather brought tears to my eyes!  Wonderful to have them in time for Christmas.  Thanks again.  
Lethbridge, Alberta

December 6, 2011
Oh Rhonda, they are adorable. I can't wait to see them in person.
Thanks again for all your hard work, I know the kids will love them.  
Have a very Merry Christmas and hopefully a well deserved break.....until you begin again, with another creation.
Thanks again
Tucson, Arizona

August 19, 2010
Dear Rhonda
Words cannot express how I felt when I received the bears.  They are so beautiful !
When a friend had told me about turning the coats into teddy bears, I thought she was crazy, and couldn’t imagine what my mom would say.  I think my mom would be thrilled.  The attention to detail, including the embroidering into the paws, which displays my mom’s name is so touching.  Thank you for this incredible treasure.  You have such a lovely gift.
These delightful bears will be treasured for years to come.  
P.S.  I have shared with my coworkers and they are all envious and wanted your number. One of them knew of you and your work!
Barrie, Ontario

May 20, 2010
Hi Rhonda, I just rec'd William safe and sound....sooooo cute.  You did a beautiful job on him...i just love him.  I am going to get myself in trouble but I am interested in one more of your bears, either julie or cinnamon...I will be in touch shortly when I can make up my mind....I thankyou again.
Westhaven, Connecticut

July 22, 2009
Hello, Rhonda.
Kelly and Lincoln just arrived this afternoon and they are truly precious!  Thank you so much.......they are even more lovely "in person" than in the pictures and we will treasure them for many years to come!
Thanks again!
Bellville, Ontario

July 14, 2009
Hi Rhonda,
Just a quick note to let you know that the bears arrived on wednesday. I thought it would be really nice to open the box together with my daughter, the only problem being she had been away and not due back until thursday night. It was killing me not to open that box! I was tempted many times but glad that i did wait for her as it was very special to see the bears for the first time together. I'm also glad that you allocated the name-tag for each bear because if i had to choose which bear was to get which name i'm afraid i'd be keeping them all! Thank you again Rhonda for creating 4 beautiful heirlooms that my family will treasure.
Many Many Thanks
Wasaga Beach, Ontario

January 12, 2009
Just wanted to follow up and let you know how thrilled Mom was with "Poppa" and "Patty Dearest". They were the hit of the day and she was just thrilled with everything about them. She has been very ill and in the hospital over a week and each time she would speak to my Dad at home she would ask if he had put her bears on the bed after it was made! We hope to have her home today. Bless you for blessing her... 
Clemmons, North Carolina

January 7, 2009
good morning rhonda, 
guess what arrived in my mailbox this morning?!!  they are soooo cute!  even my husband thinks they are. 
thank you so much for putting up with all my questions and enquiries and for making something so wonderful out of an old coat. 
i have given your address to two of my friends.  i hope they contact you. 
Thanks again,
London, Ontario

January, 2009
Rhonda...The bears were a great hit.  My girls loved them and you would have thought I gave Robin's cousin the world when I gave her 'Aunt Helen'.
Thanks for keeping 'Helen' in our lives
Port Elgin

December 30, 2008
Thanks so much for the wonderful bear 'Violet May'.  My mom got the parcel Christmas Eve and was delighted!  It has been the topic of conversation and her pride and joy!
Wishing you the best for 2009-
Thanks again
Newfoundland, Canada

April 11, 2008
Dear Rhonda, 
Thanks again for all you hard work in making the Siegner Bear Family.
As I have said before, we all adore them and you can be sure they will be in the family for many years.
Hope you enjoy the photos of Kellie and Amy with their bears.  See you soon
Georgetown, Ontario

Dec 29, 2007
I don't know where to begin to tell you how much I love & cherish the tedy bears you did for me.  I just love them...The special skill you have in turning fur coats into treasured teddies is certainly something to be proud of & I certainly appreciate them.  They will be passed on to my grandchildren when I think its the right time.
Thanks again

December 18, 2007
Hi  Rhonda...I received the bear today and she is adorable!  Thank you so much for making such a special keepsake.  She will be cherished.  Merry Christmas!

December 13th, 2007
...Here are the pics of my Grandma....Thanks so much for all your hard work.  Merry Christmas.
Owen Sound, Ontario

December 6, 2007
Rhonda...they are beautiful & many thanks for your outstanding work.  What a keepsake...as I look at them, they have little personalities....  
Ottawa, Ontario

November 26th, 2007
Hi Rhonda:  I should have been back to you months ago.  If you wondered?  They were a smashing success.
I gave one to my friends of 25 years for their 40th wedding anniversary party.....her husband was more excited than anyone over the bear.  He wouldn't let anyone touch it only look.
I sent one to Texas to my niece who went almost berserk as her husband tells it.  I kept one for myself.  I had planned to give them to a few of my great great nieces and realized children would not be able to keep their hands off them and they would be ready for the garbage in no time.
Much success in your business venture.
God Bless you richly
Heidelberg, Ontario

August 1, 2007
Hi Rhonda...here are pix...first is 13 yr old Sandra's reaction when she saw the bear on her B'day June 16th!...We all love them!  Thanks Once Again!!
Kitchener, Ontario 

Feb 27, 2007
Good Morning Rhonda 
We just returned home to our adorable 'Hilda'.  She is wonderful.  I am so happy that I made the step to preserve the mink & memories with Hilda.
Thanks for sharing our talent
Shallow Lake, Ontario

February 12, 2007
"Hi Rhonda:  Just wanted you to know that 'Nancy' arrived safe and sound.  I was 'carded' on Friday and picked her up at the post office on Saturday morning.  She is just beautiful and has been admired by everyone who comes.  I am so happy to have this memory in teddy bear form.  A coat in the closet that doesn't fit and is never seen is not as special.  I remember as a child, just burying my face into the folds of that coat whenever my aunt was wearing it at our house and so I am enjoying lots of fond memories today.
God Bless"
Omenee, Ontario

December 2006
"Dear Rhonda, I wanted to thank you again for the great job you did making the two teddy bears from my mum's stole.  As you know I gave one of the bears to my sister for Christmas.  She was really surprised and just loves her bear. 
Everytime we look at our bears it will remind us of our mum.
You did a Great Job
Thanks again"
Kincardine, Ontario

Christmas 2006
"Our 'bear family' arrived--we are so thrilled!  'Matthew' bear has rushed to Florida to his new home (we hope that he won't get too hot but know he will be muched loved!)  'Robbie & Annette' remain with us in the comfort of our favorite guest room. 
Thank you so much.  Your work is truly incredible! 
With our gratitude"
Kincardine, Ontario

December 4, 2006
"It was very thoughtful of you to forward the pictures ahead of time for us to see.  I'm so anxious to give them to the grandchildren, what a 'wonderful' idea you had when you began making these 'treasures' for everyone.
Ottawa, Ontario

December 1, 2006
"Hi Rhonda
We just wanted to say Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.   Hope you enjoy the pic of Ryann at Christmas with all the bears.  We hope to get them together for every special occasion.  That means five bears, five families.  
Thank you so much we love them"
Guelph, Ontario

March 23, 2006
"Rhonda...I picked up the teddy's on Monday-sorry I didn't let you know.  They went to work with me on Wednesday and thoroughly enjoyed their field trip!!  Everyone was amazed and thought it was such a wonderful idea for a keepsake.  They thought your work was terrific!
Thanks again-I really love them-you did a wonderful job!!  Our new grandson has not yet made his debut-he was due on the 19th-but my daughter-in-law is looking forward to seeing the new bear."
Barrie, Ontario

March 13, 2006
"Hi Rhonda....The bears arrived Thursday and they look great.  J.M. was here for a short visit and just loved hers.  I want to thank you for the great job you did with them.  I hope they bring years of joy to the recipients.  Good Luck with all your work both with the bears and in the hospital."
Thanks again
Guelph, Ontario

December 29, 2005
"...I can't tell you what a big hit the family of bears were with all the recipients.  There were lots of tears shed, a little hyper-ventilating and lots of oooos and awes.  All in all a great hit....Thank you again for all you hard work and helping to make our Christmas one to remember."
Ottawa, Ontario

December 27, 2005
"Rhonda, Hi I am one of the very lucky recipients of one of your creations.  My mom is J.W.   You made a herd or a colony of sorts for her.  They are beautiful beyond words.  The sentiment behind the bears is second only to the craftsmanship you've put into them. Both my son and my daughter cherish and love them as I do. 
Thank you for this wonderful, caring gift that will forever bring joy and fond memories.  I hope you continue to make others as happy as you have made us."
Milton, Ontario

December 26, 2005
"Of course my sister and I fell in love with them-I asked mom if she recognized anything familiar about the Teddy Bears.  She knew right away they came from her mink coat and she was so happy we had them made into the bears.  Thanks for all your hard work-we really are enjoying these...It was a nice Christmas surprise!"
Maryland, USA

December 16, 2005
"Please be assured that the Misses Mouton arrived safely, albeit a day late.  I was not at home when the postman first tried delivery, so had a note to pick them up at my post office the next day.  (I can only trust they didn't feel unwanted!)
Now, to say, "Thank you for  a job well done" is about as close as my throwing a pebble with hopes of its landing on the moon. There ARE NO WORDS to convey my appreciation of what you have returned to me.  I unpacked them oh-so carefully and removed baby bear first.  I could feel the tears coming, but was completely unprepared for my emotional reaction as I held the two of them.  I confess to literally sobbing and when my poor husband wanted to know what was "wrong", I could only say how I wish my mother could see them.  You, my dear, have a gift, and through it you have given me a piece of my own history that will be passed along to the next generations of my family.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

December 9, 2005
"Good Morning Rhonda,  we are 
feeling pretty smart and lucky this
 morning to have made our trip to 
your place yesterday on such a
 beautiful day.  We got quite a lot of
 snow (well in our terminology) last 
I just wanted to tell you how much 
I love my bears.  I might have a little 
problem giving them away!  
I think B.M. might have to leave 
Hunter in Ontario this winter while 
he goes to the Yukon.
I have to say, I was never a "doll" person, but apparently bears are different.  I found myself holding Hunter this morning while listening to the news.  
This means that L.M. will be on the prowl for a large long haired coat to make a Hunter sized cuddly bear just for me.  
Thanks again for being so creative and putting so much love and personality into my new friends."
Bradford, Ontario

December 8, 2005
"Hello Rhonda:  My bear family has just arrived and I can give you the first reaction: even though they are not for me and they are made from my mother-in-laws coat (who is still with us) they caused some great emotions to run through me, they are absolutely adorable and the tags are perfect, seeing them I can assure you there will be happy tears on Christmas day.  I think the biggest surprise will be that of my mother-in-law who I'm sure assumes that I have forgotten about the coat and having the bears made..."
Milton, Ontario

September 21, 2005
"Hi Rhonda, I picked my bears up yesterday.  They are beautiful!!  The big decision for me now is which one to keep and which two to give away...Thanks again for doing a 'beary good' (great) job."
Fergus, Ontario

July 13, 2005
"E.M. was delighted with the bears.  She blushed and kept repeating 'ohmagod' over and over.  My sincere thanks to you for sharing your gift."
Mount Forest, Ontario

June 20, 2005
"Hi Rhonda:  Just wanted to send a thank you for the great job you did on creating Ali-Marie.  I immediately took her to Meaford and took her picture in front of my parents former home at the beach..."
Lynden, Ontario

June 8, 2005
"Dear Rhonda,  I am thrilled with my new family of teddy bears.  They are delightful and I can hardly wait to see the response of my daughter and her cousins.  I shall make a photo copy of the article from 'Canadian Teddy Bears' for each of them.
Presently the bears are sitting in my living room on the antique rocking chair which was my mother's.  Needless to say they have brought back many precious memories. 
Thank you ever so much for your fine artistry and craftmanship.  You have much to be proud of .
Have a happy summer and I shall watch for you at upcoming craft shows."
Barrie, Ontario

May 21, 2005
"Hi Rhonda-what a wonderful surprise I got today.  I went and picked up your parcel and just love the bears!!!  They are so beautiful-I feel like a kid at Christmas!  Thank you so much for answering all my questions and for making us such a beautiful keepsake.  Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday and she will be so surprised.  Thanks Rhonda.  My mom will be smiling down on her mink coat now."
Barrie, Ontario

April 29, 2005
"Hi Rhonda...I was so anxious to see the bears.  No wonder you will miss them.  What characters!  I am really pleased and want to show them to all my friends.  You did a really super job...Many, many thanks"
Singhampton, Ontario
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