Since 1995, I have been  
'Handcrafting Hugs'
 when I Created a Family Heirloom from my Grandfather's Vintage Fur Coat from the 1930's...Grandma Never knew what became of that Coat!...
Since then, My Friends and Their Friends, have been Keeping Me Busy  

'Handcrafted Hugs' 
from 'Previously Enjoyed' Fur Coats  

I also Design & Create Teddies 
from English and German Mohair  

Created From Your Fur~The One Stored Away That Everyone In The Family Has Forgotten About~Or You May Adopt From My Collection

Adorned With Battenburg Lace
Ribbon, Floral Trim, Vintage Accessories
 I Like to Dress Grandma's Mink In Her Own Vintage Baptism Gown!

This Site Is Maintained 
by Rhonda
In The Den at the 
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'Handcrafted Hugs'
by Rhonda Ridgeway
I Take Pride
 In The Quality & Workmanship Crafted Into Each of My Bruins 

Patterns Designed & Created by Myself
Fully Jointed Lock-Nut & Screws
Lined With Muslin
Handblown German Glass Eyes
German Glass Noses or Embroidered
Ultrasuede Paws or Created Coat's Lining
Stuffed With Polyfil & Glass Pellets for a nice 'Weighted Feel' 

Adult Collector Bear~Not Recommended For Children 

Hello...I'm Rhonda....
I have been Sewing & Crafting Since I was in Elementary School

To Date, I have Created over
5,500 Heirloom Teddy Bears...I Design my Own Patterns, and Create Each Teddy Bear from Start to Finish!

Mother of three and working fulltime outside my home, I am often 'caught' sewing...even in the car

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